Top 4 Best Gaming Monitor For XBOX ONE – Buyer’s Guide 2017

Gaming is a serious hobby. The rapid advancement of technology each year has led to what was once regarded as something to entertain kids becoming a multi-billion dollar market that pervades all assumption.

For some, it goes as far as becoming a full-time income and for others, it is a chance to use the mind to unwind and experience whole new worlds.  Ultimately, a video game’s ability to be enjoyed comes down to the quality of a gamer’s setup.

Beyond just the console used, everything from the quality of monitors to the design of controllers can affect a gamer’s ability to truly focus on experiencing the painstaking detail that goes into producing a game.

The most significant component beyond the console when considering creating a gaming setup is the monitor choice.  

When looking for a gaming monitor for your console, check out its specific features. Does it allow for HD gaming? Does it prevent lagging? Does it possess graphics capability that will be able to handle your gaming requirements?

One mistake gamers make is forgetting about resolution and the graphic features. This lack of attention to detail leads to big price tags and little satisfaction.

Of all the options currently available on the market, these few satisfy requirements that even pro gamers rely on, and all four exemplify a price point that is cost effective whilst continuing to boost gamer entertainment.

With their intriguing graphics and superior performance, they make a great gift for the holidays.


Top 4 Best Monitor For XBOX ONE in 2017


1. ASUS Acer R240HY: 24-inch 1080p


asus widescreen 1080p R240HY

The Acer R240HY is one of the best options on the market right now. It’s one of the highest valued on the list for both its simplicity and capability. With a professionally designed IPS screen, it provides unparalleled picture quality.


One advantage is its clear display of colors. The intricate layering this image offers makes players feel as if they are physically part of the game. The only drawback is its average response time, whereas for those that are focused on competitive gaming vs. leisure it may not be the best choice.


Versatility is what makes the Acer shine. You can do more than just play Xbox Live. Plug up your PC for a high-quality gaming experience. It has a maximum resolution of 1080p, making it easy to maximize the beauty and immersion focus of games such as Far Cry or another open world game to create a fulfilling experience.



2. Samsung U28E590D: 28-inch 4


4K Monitor by Samsung

4K monitors are generally regarded as the future of next generation gaming. Samsung aspired and subsequently delivers it with exceptional quality for a great price with little to no flaws. It supports extensions from Netflix, Xfinity, HBO and much more. It pairs perfectly for those wanting to use the Xbox One’s 4k blue ray player fully.


The general consensus amongst reviewers has been one of awe when using this. Samsung’s 4k provides a quickly responsive opportunity for those that enjoy playing games that require detail-oriented playing styles.



3. BenQ ZOWIE RL2455: 24-inch

Monitor by benq RL2455


BenQ is a legend amongst video game monitors. High-quality and premier design, their product never fails to surprise the fans of their brand. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and has a 1ms response time. This means there is very little opportunity for graphic lag, whilst balancing energy efficiency.


The resolution is 1920 x 1080, making it the best option to pick from amongst competitors its size. It brings console gaming to life with its high-quality performance.


4. Samsung 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit (S27E390H):


The Samsung 27-inch screen is a sleek minimally designed monitor made to maximize space available. Its uniqueness lies in how its design breaks norms. With a 178-degree angle view setting, it allows for anyone in the room to view it. It’s one of the best options to use when in-person group gaming, this way everyone benefits from its full capabilities.

One of its best features is its Eye Saver Mode. When enabled, the screen dims making it easy to tolerate the screen over binge gaming periods. The quick pixel retention rate allows for gamers to enjoy a full game without annoying lag.


Another advantage is its 1080p display. It’s high-quality performance and value is what makes it one of the best.


In Summary


Choosing what’s best for you ultimately comes down to gaming requirements and convenience.  Each displays graphics that can enhance the gaming experience whilst minimizing space, though for different purposes.  


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