The Best Monitor For CS GO in 2017 – From 60Hz to 144Hz Guide!

Picking the right monitor for CS GO isn’t easy, there’s a huge diversity in the market for these products, there are dozens of different brands, you have to think about the Hz, the response time, the color quality and many other factors. We know that it isn’t easy and that’s why we’re writing this article, to help you choose what’s right so that it will fit your needs!

Before we proceed we would also like to recommend you to read our buyers guide on mouses for cs go as well as our buyers guide on the best mousepad for cs go because the monitor isn’t the only important hardware part you need to be able to perform at the highest level, a proper mouse and mousepad are just as important!


MonitorClick for ReviewsPrice in Amazon  
ASUS VS228H-PASUS VS228H-Pamazon
ASUS Ultra Slim VX228HASUS Ultra Slim VX228Hamazon
benq zowie XL2411BenQ ZOWIE XL2411amazon
Asus VG248QEAsus VG248QE amazon


We will tell you everything about the 4 options that we have shown above, all of them highly capable, they all were tested and hand picked by us, and as such we know exactly how good they are for gaming when compared to other models and versions we’ve tested. One thing that you should keep in mind if you’re going for a 144Hz monitor is that you should NEVER, EVER go for an AOC 144Hz. We’ve tested 2 different versions of an AOC 144Hz, and both of them were fake 144hz framerate, the frame skipping was insane.

Click here to Test your AOC.


How a REAL 144Hz Framerate should perform:

real 144hz monitor valid


As you can see the white blocks are all following one another, no black blocks in between them, this means that it is indeed refreshing at the correct rate of 144Hz without a single frame skip.


How a FAKE 144Hz AOC Performs:

fake 120hz monitor invalid


In this screenshot a 120Hz monitor was used, but it doesn’t matter, the same thing applies to 144Hz, as you can see the white blocks have a black block between them, this means that every 2 frames 1 frame is skipped, also known as “frame skipping” this is a marketing plague used by certain brands such as AOC to reduce the costs when building the crap hardware that they are selling and save some money.

I mentioned that AOC does this, but it’s likely that there are other brands that also do it, be careful with the brand and mode you depicde to pick and make sure you test it!


Our List of The Best Monitor For CS GO

We will now explain to you why these 4 monitors are the top of the line for gaming; we will tell you their advantages and disadvantages and which ones you should buy depending on your needs.



We felt like we should include some 60Hz monitors into this list, simply because not everyone has 300$ to spend on a monitor am I right? Everyone has a budget, and as such, we want to make everyone happy and make sure that even though you cannot purchase a 144Hz, you will still get a great quality 60Hz framerate which will still be much better than the common 60Hz trash that you see for sale for 60$.



The ASUS 228H-P is the most sold monitor in this list, it is also the cheapest on our list, however, do not feel discouraged, just because it’s the cheapest it doesn’t mean that it can’t do its job properly, it CAN, and it does it really well for this price.

The ASUS 228H-P is an extraordinary option for its price, it has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, you may even select the size that you wish to purchase, beginning with 21.5″ up to 27″.

Although it only has 60Hz of refresh rate, it features a 1Ms response time which is 5x better than the common monitor which usually has a response time of 5Ms, this was one of the reasons why we considered the 228H-P to be on this list, it’s not only cheap but it also provides a 1 MS response time, what else could you ask for!?

It also has great colors & contrast which will not only make the game look beautiful but also everything else you will use your monitor for.

It accepts HDMI, DVI, and D-Sub.



The VX228H is without a doubt our favorite 60Hz monitor, while it has somewhat of a price difference between the other ASUS, its qualities are just superb for its price, this monitor is absolutely INSANE.

It features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and you may also select the size of the monitor that you wish to purchase although not as much variety in size as the other ASUS, it only allows from 21.5″ up to 23″ however it also allows you change its color from black to white which is a nice bonus if you like how it looks.

Like the 228H-P, it also features a 1MS Response time which is great for gaming and far superior to your average 60Hz monitor.

However, the real reasons that we absolutely love it is because it’s ultra slim and especially the low blue light. Ultra Slim not only makes the monitor occupy less space but it also makes it look even better, not to mention that by being ultra slim it won’t weigh as much as a normal monitor either, so that’s a nice bonus right there, but the real king feature of the VX228H that is important to EVERY SINGLE GAMER, is the fact that it has a low blue light emission, for the people who don’t know what the blue light is, it’s something that your monitor emits and that irritates your eyes, so now you know why sometimes your eyes start to hurt & why you have trouble sleeping at night, yep it’s because of the blue light.

Having low blue light won’t only not hurt your eyes as much but it will also not make them as tired and will help you sleep better at night, in our opinion this alone makes this the the top monitor you could possibly get with 60Hz.



Well it is obvious for any gaming veteran that 144Hz framerates make a HUGE difference when compared to 60Hz framerates, this can especially be seen in FPS games such as CS GO where every single split second is precious and may be the difference between winning a losing the round, winning and losing the game, it’s sad but it’s true that hardware does affect the gameplay A LOT.



The XL2411 is well known in the CS GO community, in fact, the BenQ brand is one of the most well-known 144Hz brands for its high-quality products.

The XL2411 has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080; you may also choose the size, starting from 24″ up to 27″.

The XL2411 not only has 144Hz but also features 1 MS Response time, perfect for gaming, there’s nothing else you could ask for. However, this monitor still has plenty of surprises! It has the advanced Low Blue Light technology which reduces the blue light that your monitor emits, if you use glasses then this will be perfect for you as it will not worsen your eye condition, not only that but your eyes will not get as tired, and it will help you sleep better at night.

It supports DVI-DL, D-SUB, and HDMI.



To be honest with you, between this and the BenQ there’s hardly any noticeable difference, both have pretty much the same specifications and features, however there is 1 thing that the VG248QE lacks when compared with the BenQ XL2411, it has no low blue light technology, and like we’ve explained before, this is VERY important for gamers as you definitely don’t want to mess up with your eyes and regret it later in life, however, besides this one missing feature it does everything that the XL2411 can do and it’s also cheaper.

If you don’t really care about the low blue light or just wanna save money then this may be a better option, however, if you really don’t wanna mess with your eyes I definitely recommend you to go for the XL2411.

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